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Pudukkottai as one of Tamil Nadu’s unremarkable cities, is only a few metres away from antiquity and timelessness. There are a few yet interesting attractions to explore in Pudukkottai. Meanwhile the list of things to see in Pudukkottai may not be wide or numerous, but the few that are available are well worth seeing.

The town is riddled with evidence of cave monuments &  tombs all of which can easily be listed among Pudukkottai’s top tourist attractions. Also exploring such a town is an experience of itself, as you get to learn about the region’s history and culture. Several dynasties in history have controlled Pudukkottai, including the Thondaimans, Mutharaiyars,Nayaks,  Pallavas, Cholas, and Pandyas. All of them have left their imprints in the shape of exquisite buildings. Several structures in Pudukkottai preserve the unique architecture of each ruling dynasty. Jainism and Buddhism  have flourished in the area quite more.

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1. Sittannavasal cave temple

There are a number of tourism destinations in Pudukkottai that will astound visitors. Also the Jain cave temple in Sittanavasal is one of the most popular tourist attractions. The cave temple has some of the region’s most well-known frescoes. Apart from Sittanavasal, the Thirumayaym Fort is another popular tourist attraction in Pudukkotai.

The citadel, an ancient fort, gives spectacular views of the surrounding valleys from its vantage point. Thus for history buffs and culture vultures, Pudukottai is a fantastic vacation. Such visitors will have a blast touring the main museum, which holds numerous artefacts, sculptures, paintings, and antique musical instruments.

2. Brahadambal Temple

In Pudukkottai, the Brahadambal Temple is a significant religious site. It may surprise you to learn that, despite its magnificent construction, the temple is rather uncrowded throughout the year. Because of its remarkable blend of Jain and Dravidian design, the temple is frequently referred to as an architectural marvel. Lord Gokarneshwarar and his spouse Brahadambal are the temple’s presiding deities.

3. Avudairyarkoil Temple

The Avudairyarkoil temple, about 50 kilometres from the city centre, is a popular tourist attraction in Pudukkottai. Lord Shiva is the principal deity of the temple, which is built in the traditional Dravidian style of architecture. Hence ,in the sense that there is no statue of Nandi the Bull or even a flag at the temple, it is a unique Shiva Temple. In addition, the Sivalingam is revered as a soul rather than a statue.

4. Thirumayam fort

Thirumayam Fort is one of Pudukkottai’s most popular tourist attractions. The citadel is also an old structure located a short distance from the city centre. The climb to the top of the fort is strenuous, but once there, the views are breathtaking. Also the fort has a frightening-looking flight of stairs to reach the massive shivalingam

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Best time to visit Pudukkottai


Summers are really hot and humid , where travellers find it very difficult to visit more place in Pudukkottai . Winter is the best time for tourists to explore Pudukkottai. So , plan your trip to Pudukkottai during September / October to February.

How to reach Pudukkottai


  • Roads : One of the easiest and most preferred mode of transport is via own vehicles or public buses to Pudukkottai.As a result people plan their trip mostly via roads.
  • Rails : Pudukkottai has a main railway junction and trains travelling to Chennai , Rameshwaram and Kanyakumari halt in this junction
  • Air : The nearest airport is in Trichy , which is around 60 to 70 kms from city center. Hence, from there people can take buses or taxis.

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