Top 5 things to do in Pudukkottai

Outdoor recreational activities are unquestionably a fantastic way to energise your holiday getaway. It gets much more fascinating and exhilarating when it comes to recreational adventure games in Pudukkottai. .There is a great opportunity for adults and children to have fun, learn, and socialise with family and friends.

  • Famous temple visits
  • Namma Ooru Thiruvizha
  • Manjuvirattu
  • Boating
  • Resort stay 

1. Famous temple visits

Pudukkottai district is known for world famous temples such as sittannavasal , brahadambal temple and lot more . Native people of Pudukkottai visit these temples or some of their ancestral temples yearly once.

Sittanavasal cave temple

Sittanavasal is a prominent tourist spot in Pudukkottai. It is located in Annavasal , around 18 kms from Pudukkottai.This temple also known as Arivar temple was built by the Tamil Sramanas , in the 7th century . In the earlier days, Jain Monks used to live in these hills. They used to polish the cave and perform poojas . The walls and ceilings have amazing paintings made of fresco technique that is rich in minerals.This  is considered to be  very important and best among the India’s medieval painting ,  next to Ajanta and Bagh. The archeological department reveals that old jain monks were buried in pots after the death and there are some pots found on the sides of the cave.

things to do in pudukkottai

Cave temple

The government along with tourist department developed many parks, fountains and boating amenities around the temple. Most of the tourists visit Sittannavasal during their trip to Pudukkottai without fail.

Fee : There is an entrance fee of around Rs 5 to Rs 10 for the temple

Open Timing : 10.00 am to 6.00 p.m is the open timing for Sittannavasal.

2. Namma ooru Thiruvizha

Pudukkottai is also know for its Thiruvizha vibes. There are many small and large thiruvizha like muthumariyamman temple thiruzha that happens in February month and lot more other thiruvizha.During these times, the entire town will have a festive type of fell with serial lightings and flower decoration, along with road side shops. There will be a chariot festival which will be amazing . People visit temples, perform poojas, kavadi and lot more activities . Don’t miss out to visit Pudukkottai during these thiruzha seasons.


Festival season

3. Manjuvirattu

Pudukkottai is also famous for  manjuvirattu or bull chasing that happens during the Pongal festival. Also, in 2022, the 1st manjuvirattu in Tamil Nadu took place in Pudukkottai only. It is one of the most important traditional practice in the village. It happens in many small villages inside Pudukkottai . Tourists visiting the place during pongal times, must watch this manjuvirattu and enjoy the experience.

things to do in pudukkottai

Bull chasing

4. Boating

There is boating facility in 2 to 3 places in Pudukkottai , but few are currently closed due to covid

  • Sittannavasal boating
  • Pudukulam
  • Meimisal


There was boating facility in sittannavasal cave temple alongside the temple itself with charges of Rs 20 per person. Pudukkulam has boating facilities and parks for tourists to visit. Meimisal is a coastial region located in avadaiyar kovil around 72 kms from Pudukkottai. Tourists can do boating and fishing in the sea shore area.

5. Resort stay

Visit all the above places by staying in Elaa resort, located near Brahadambal temple.The resort has unique themed cottages with all facilities such as swimming pool waterfalls, cycling, restaurant , bar, indoor and outdoor games, etc.It is the best place to stay in Pudukkottai with family and friends.

Resort stay

Elaa Resort

There are many stay packages provided by the resort for tourists.Check out Elaa resort for more details

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